Tripping Over the World is dedicated to travel news, tips, and adventures. It’s edited by Jim Dalrymple II and Laura Rowley.

IMG_9753Editor in Chief Jim Dalrymple II

Jim works as a journalist for BuzzFeed News, where he has covered unrest in Missouri, the United Nations climate talks in Paris, and turmoil across the American West, among many other stories.

Jim grew up in a suburb of L.A., lived for about a decade in Utah, and spent two years in Brazil. He has visited at least 20 countries on five continents. Follow Jim on Twitter: @JimDalrympleII.


Deputy Editor Laura Rowley 

Laura currently works as a flight attendant for JetBlue, where she travels everyday. She is also an accomplished ceramicist and artist who has exhibited in several galleries.

In the past, Laura worked as a high school art teacher. She grew up in the San Diego area and also lived in Utah for about a decade. Follow Laura on Twitter: @LauraRowley.

Want to join the Tripping team?

We’re always looking for guest contributors to this site. If you travel, write, or know somewhere people just have to visit, shoot Jim an email at



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