Go to the top floor of your hotel for a fun free view of the area you’re exploring.

I recently had a layover in San Francisco for work, and got this amazing view of the city from the top floor of my crew hotel.

To be clear, this wasn’t the view out of my room. I was staying on the third floor. This is the view from floor twenty-something, which was the highest floor I could reach without special access. Comparatively, the view from my room felt almost like street level. I didn’t even think to take a picture of it.

But regardless of what level I’m staying on or how short or tall the building is, I always like to find my way to the top floor to check out the scenery.

It’s fun. It’s easy. And, best of all, it’s free!

Here are a few more examples of top floor views from our travels:


A view of the Bosphorus at sunrise from the rooftop terrace of our hotel in Istanbul (the room view looked onto a fire escape and alley):

#tbt A view of Lago di Como from a terrace high up on our cliff side hotel.

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A view of Lake Como in Northern Italy at sunset. This entire hotel clings to the cliffside and offers great “top floor” views and private balconies with every room.


A view of the Casbah in Tangier, Morocco from the rooftop terrace of our hotel Dar Chamas. (Our room was fabulous, and had great interior views of an atrium, but didn’t offer any windows looking out onto the ancient city itself).

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— Laura Rowley



Written by Laura Rowley

I am an artist, flight attendant, and travel blogger.

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