Wisconsin has good, including great cheese and frozen custard, plus great areas for strolling.

I recently made a couple of trips to Wisconsin. Though the second one ended badly, the first gave me a chance to explore a bit of downtown Milwaukee along with the countryside and Green Bay. I had never been to the Badger State before, and I walked away having enjoyed much of my time there. Here’s what I loved:

The dairies


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I know it may be a stereotype, but when I put out a call on Twitter for places to get food, quite a few people fired back with dairies. I ended up more or less eating my way from Milwaukee to Green Bay, and it was delicious. Here’s the frozen custard I got one day:

The cheese

Cheese curds.

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Related to the dairies generally, but delicious enough to warrant a separate entry, cheese curds were one of my favorite things in Wisconsin. I bought the ones above at a store attached to a dairy — I could tell because the cows were emitting a very strong odor. Later, I tried fried cheese curds at a restaurant and was equally pleased.

The street life

An old ship in the river in Green Bay.

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Having visited a few Midwestern and Rust Belt cities recently, I expected Wisconsin to have some cool buildings but not much street life. I was wrong. My first night in Milwaukee I stumbled onto two different neighborhood street festivals. And then in Green Bay, the event I was covering took place right next to some sort of maritime event on the river. Though my time in both places was limited, I managed to wander around at the events. In Green Bay, that meant getting up close to an actual galleon.

The walking


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Milwaukee has a lot of great walking. My first night there I wandered the downtown and the path that runs along the river. Along the way, I happened upon the Bronze Fonz, an apparently famous art work commemorating Happy Days, which was set in Milwaukee.

The architecture

In downtown Milwaukee

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Downtown Milwaukee was an architecture lover’s dream; in the end I spent most of my very limited free time wandering, and wondering, at the incredible buildings that line downtown’s streets.

This rabbit

Spotted in downtown Milwaukee

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This one is pretty self explanatory. I was just walking around downtown and happened upon this rabbit hopping. I got pretty close before it hopped away.

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— Jim Dalrymple II


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Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.

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