As I’ve written before, space is the ultimate travel destination (and it’s a shame most of us will probably never get to go there). The lack of space tourism opportunities, however, did not stop NASA from creating 14 very cool travel posters.

NASA poster 1

The posters are styled as vintage travel ads, like the kind you might find today decorating the walls of old hotels in Europe. They advertise fictional trips, such the one above that takes place “every 175 years” (actually a reference to a rare alignment of outer planets that enabled the Voyager program.)

There are plenty of winks to the viewer in the posters: “historic sites” on Mars; a reference to the nightlife on ever-dark SO J318.5-22; and the breathtaking geysers on Enceladus.

Though the posters are obviously fictional, the write up provided by NASA also reveals how they capture the aspirations the space program represents:

Imagination is our window into the future. At NASA/JPL we strive to be bold in advancing the edge of possibility so that someday, with the help of new generations of innovators and explorers, these visions of the future can become a reality.

In other words, our ancestors could well be taking the kinds of trips these posters advertise. And I for one hope that happens.

In any case, the posters are free to download, including in large and printable sizes. You can get all the files by following this link.

— Jim Dalrymple II


Written by Jim Dalrymple II

Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.


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