Traveling with family seems like a no brainer — especially now that we’re all adults.


I love traveling and I love my family. Just in this past year alone, I’ve done a bunch of trips all over the world with various in-laws, siblings, and even an aunt. Most recently, my parents joined Jim and I on our trip to Turkey a couple weeks ago.

Traveling with family can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be stressful. To reduce that stress, I find that being open about one topic is key: money.

Decide in advance how much people want to budget per day for the trip.

This will affect the types of accommodations, food, and activities the trip will entail. It also effects the overall vibe behind it. For any shared costs, be open and up front about who is paying for what and/or how the costs will be split up.

For example, when I backpacked through Italy last June with my sister-in-law Rachel, we took an ultra minimalist approach to our budget and did everything as cheaply as possible. We stayed in cheap hostels, ate low-cost street vendor and grocery store food for our meals, did a ton of walking, and even skipped out on some sites. It was an awesome shoe-string-budget adventure, and was successful in part because we talked about finances in advance.

On the other hand during mine and Jim’s trip to Turkey with my recently-retired parents, we went for a more comfortable but still budget-minded approach. So we went off season, found bargain lodging, ate at modest restaurants, went to all the sites, and splurged on things like taxis.

We decided beforehand to split all the costs 50/50, agreed to a general money-conscious budget, and continued to consult each other regarding finances throughout the trip. We had a lot of fun, and setting the financial expectations in advance allowed us more time to enjoy Turkey and each other’s company.

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— Laura Rowley


Written by Laura Rowley

I am an artist, flight attendant, and travel blogger.

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