For me, 2015 was a big year for flying. I flew over a half million miles and spent more than one thousand hours in the air.  It was also my first entire year as a flight attendant, and during it I transitioned from a novice to a seasoned stew. Here are my best flying travel tips from 2015.

1. Make your own hot meals

Even on long domestic flights, most airlines in the US no longer serve real food. But it’s easy to make your own hot meals while in the air. My go-to DIY meals while in the air are steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and cup of noodles with al dente vegetables for lunch/dinner. Read more about how to do it.

Oatmeal, pecans, sliced banana, and maple syrup packet in a cup courtesy of Rachel Hathaway.
Oatmeal, pecans, sliced banana, and maple syrup packet in a cup courtesy of Rachel Hathaway.

2. Know these five emergency hacks

By February I was already familiar with and using these five emergency hacks for myself and my customers when flying. The two I use most often are the DIY hot packs and cold packs. (Basically it’s just rubber gloves filled with hot water from the coffee maker or ice from the liquor cart, respectively). But the alternative  tape, stain remover, and sponge have come in handy many times as well. Read all about how to do it.


3. Use this trick to make airplane meals a little less bad

In October, Jim and I went on an international flight to Germany. The good news is most international long haul flights serve hot meals. The bad news is that it’s usually pretty terrible. However Jim invented an ingenious way to make it a little bit better, and it’s all about the butter. Read his step-by-step instructions on how to make your butter soft without making a mess so you can enjoy that dinner roll the way it was meant to.


4. Know these four other emergency hacks for in the air 

Polish your shoes, mop up a giant liquid mess, and give yourself a nice sugar hand scrub without making a mess all with substitute hacks you can find on most airplanes. But the one I use the most is the alternative utensils when I forget my own. (It basically involves using coffee stirrers as chopsticks or minis skewers). Read about how to do it.

– Laura Rowley



Written by Laura Rowley

I am an artist, flight attendant, and travel blogger.

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