Our rental car this summer in Iceland.
Our rental car this summer in Iceland.

This summer, to beat the heat, Jimmy and I went to Iceland. It ended up being an incredible trip, but also posed a unique challenge: Information about Iceland is harder to come by, less reliable, and more generic across various publications than we’ve seen for other European countries.


After discovering that my go to guidebooks for Europe haven’t published anything on Iceland, I headed home and turned to the blogosphere. IMG_20150703_203304694Here are the six posts/websites I found most useful:

1. The Expert Vagabond has a concise and thorough one stop blogpost for traveling the Ring Road. This one post was more useful and efficiently organized than all the guidebooks I found on Iceland put together.

2. He also has an excellent post on The Golden Circle. Much of our itinerary was informed by a combination off these two posts.


3. Extreme Iceland is a for-profit tour company that offers outdoor adventures and excursions in Iceland, but also has this handy itinerary for a self-guided 10-day Ring Road trip.

4. Guide to Iceland is another for-profit tourism company that also has a good list of attractions/pit stops organized geographically around the Ring Road.


5. The Young Adventuress has a humorous list of anecdotal do’s and don’t’s of traveling the Ring Road. Although it’s light on the specific essentials, it’s a fun and short read that gives a feel for what to expect road tripping the Ring Road.

6. Brendan’s Adventures has a good basic post on the costs of Iceland, which prepared us for the prices and even gave a few tips on how to get the most bang for our buck.


We also ended up getting the Lonely Planet book on Iceland in advance, and although it wasn’t super helpful in planning the trip — too much information, poorly organized and prioritized — it did came in handy while on the road.

Related reading: Learn more about Iceland’s incredible beauty and the strange experience that is 24 hours of sunlight.

— Laura Rowley


Written by Laura Rowley

I am an artist, flight attendant, and travel blogger.


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