It’s September. Students are back in school, leaves are changing color, and football teams are playing. And yet, as I write this it is literally 90 degrees Fahrenheit in my living room.

Much of the U.S. West Coast, where I am, is in the grips of an awful heatwave. The East Coast, where Laura happens to be tonight, is a bit cooler, but still muggy and warm. The summer, it seems, is going out like a supernova.

In that light, here are a few things I’m dreaming of tonight while trying to stay cool.

1. Iceland

Iceland was a curious and rugged place. And it was so pleasantly cool.

2. Gelato


There’s really nothing like a good gelato on a hot day.

3. Rivers


As it turns out, we’ve done much of our traveling during the hottest parts of the year for wherever we happen to be going. That has meant a few good swimming excursions, including in Germany’s Rhine and Brazil’s Amazon (above).

4. Beaches


Someday we’ll do some posts on all the beautiful beaches we’ve been fortunate enough to visit. In the meantime, enjoy the picture above of Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, which is one of our favorites.

5. Fountains


Fountains are nice because they’re soothing and they cool the surrounding air. On the other hand, you usually can’t get in them, which can be disappointing on a hot day. The fountain above is in Cordoba, Spain.

6. Hotel air conditioning

Hotel Cluny

A post shared by Jim Dalrymple II (@jimdalrympleii) on

In the U.S., air conditioning in a hotel is a given. But in the Europe it isn’t. And in some cases, rooms are equipped with A/C, but you have to pay more to turn it on. I don’t use A/C much in general, but on hot, hot nights, the cool breezes from an A/C can be wonderful.

— Jim Dalrymple II


Written by Jim Dalrymple II

Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.

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