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Britnee in San Pedro de Atacama, Bolivia. Photo courtesy One World One Year.

This is the third and final part of our conversation with travelers Britnee and Mark Johnston, of One World One Year. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more on the places they visited, the foods they ate, and more.

TOTW: How did you guys manage to blog so much while traveling the world?

MARK: It was challenging to make frequent posts at first as we were obviously overwhelmed by all we were experiencing in the first couple of months and a little shy to share it publicly. But in time we grew to enjoy telling stories along the way and also watching our following grow. It also helped keeping a journal along the way as often times a few notes jotted down in it would turn into a future post online.  

BRITNEE: Mark was the better one out of us to keep the blog going! Honestly, I often felt too lazy or distracted to update it, but Mark would always have a new post ready to go. So his enthusiasm helped me to keep going with it. Even with as much as we did blog, there are still so many stories from our trip that we haven’t told! I guess we’ll save those for a tell-all later in life.

Annapurna Circuit, via One World One Year
Annapurna Circuit, via One World One Year

TOTW: Talk to me about re-entering the work force. It seems that for a lot of people who’d like travel long term this is one of the major hang ups. Britnee, I know you’re already are working again. How did you go about looking for jobs when you got back? 

BRITNEE: I think it’s a combination of luck and timing when finding a job. I was super lucky to have been offered a full-time job in public relations within three days of coming home. It also helped that I had a pretty strong resume of several years in my line of work. Before I left to travel, I worked for well-known local companies and had good results to show for my past work. 

I also have a couple of great friends, who are also in public relations, who were referring me to others or sending me job leads as I got closer to home. One of them introduced me on LinkedIn to a person at the company I was eventually hired at. So I believe that helped me get on the right foot when I officially interviewed with them. 

I applied for the job about a month before coming home and it was the only job I officially applied for. This wasn’t because I thought I was going to get it. It was because the job hunt was getting me down even though I didn’t mean to start hunting so soon (a few companies were reaching out to me two months prior to coming home that ended up not going anywhere). I still had several weeks left on my trip so I decided to not worry about applying for any more jobs until after I got home. I just had that one job application floating out there—and it all worked out.

Queenstown, New Zealand, Milford Sound, Ben Lomond, hiking around Queenstown, travel, travel photography,
Britnee in Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo courtesy One World One Year.

TOTW: Finally, now that you’re back, how are you adjusting to life off the road? 

MARK: A year of travel seemed to be just right; long enough to be worth quitting a job for, to see a whole lot of the world and to be tired enough in the end to miss home. We returned to Utah happy to be coming home and that made settling into life off the road nice and easy. The simple pleasures of living in our own apartment, grocery shopping, cooking in our own kitchen and spending time with family and friends is so much more enjoyable after our time away. We keep saying how content we both are and that might be the greatest reward in all of this. Taking a short walk to the Salt Lake City Library to pick up a book in English, or cooking up tacos at home has never been so enjoyable. 

BRITNEE: I am so happy to be home! Our trip made me love Utah so much more and appreciate the comforts and familiarity. Like Mark said, we both have this extreme level of content in our lives after traveling and being away from home for so long. Luckily, I still get to play being a tourist as we moved to downtown Salt Lake City and are continually discovering the sites and things to do here. We also live across the street from a cathedral that looks like it’s straight out of Europe. Whenever I’ve felt a little tinge of wanderlust, I’ll hear the cathedral’s bells going off and it transports my mind for a short while to some romantic European location. 

Read more about the Johnston’s travel on their website, One World One Year, and in the previous parts, here and here, of our conversation with them.

— Jim Dalrymple II


Written by Jim Dalrymple II

Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.

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