French “boutique-style” airline La Compagnie is now offering roundtrip, business class flights from Newark to London for $1,007. That’s an incredible price, but it comes with a few caveats:

1. The flights go into London’s Luton airport — not Heathrow, not Gatwick — and Luton is an hour-long bus ride from the city’s core. As Road Warrior Voices points out, Luton is also much reviled among reviewers.

2. The flights have a three-person cabin crew, which is smaller than some other international flights.

3. Speaking of inconvenient airports, these flights do leave from Newark.

Coutesy La Compagnie
Courtesy La Compagnie

But overall, the flights are pretty straightforward and don’t include additional taxes and fees. They apparently actually do cost $1,007.

La Compagnie is trying to make this work by keeping overhead low — they’re based in the Parisian suburbs, for example. The company also explains on it’s website that it “offers a truly unique 100% business-class cabin with 19 rows and 74 seats.” Those seats “recline to a180-degree angle with a built-in massage feature for added comfort during your journey.”

The food and entertainment options also look promising.

We’ve always flown as cheaply as possible to Europe, but after having fairly negative experiences recently on Air Berlin and Iberia Airlines, this affordable, “100% business class” option sounds promising.

— Jim Dalrymple II


Written by Jim Dalrymple II

Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.


  1. The new offer of La Compagnie really is interesting. The airports may not be the best, but the price is so much better than the one of most other major carriers, so I wouldn’t mind too much about that fact. If I may ask, what exactly went wrong when you were flying with Air Berlin to Europe?

    1. Nothing insane really. I (Jim) am about 6 feet tall and the space seemed much smaller than other international carriers I’ve flown on. I can put up with that on a short domestic flight, but this was non-stop from LA to, I think, Dusseldorf. The food and entertainment options seemed a little subpar as well.

      It’s my own fault for choosing the absolute cheapest flight, but I’d like to give La Compagnie a try. On the other hand, I’d also like to get to Europe as much as possible, so I could foresee a future in which I’d use Air Berlin again.

      1. Ah, I see. The seat pitch in the Airbus planes of Air Berlin is a little small. That’s also the case when flying domestic/regional. On long haul flights I yet only tried Air Berlin’s Business Class which is really good (thanks to Etihad), but I’ll most likely fly Economy Class to New York and Chicago in March, so I’ll have the chance to test this one as well.

        On the other hand, La Compagnie looks way better than every Economy Class. The seat pitch, the small airplane, it’s just way more comfortable.

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