Our ride into Prague was a strikingly beautiful journey through a romantic landscape. We left Berlin in the morning. It was cloudy and cool, a welcome relief to the heat we had been experiencing. Unlike our last train, on this one we sat in the first class car filled with seats, as opposed to cabins.

Before long we were rolling through thick-wooded hills crowned with crumbling castles. In the mountains above us, the clouds were low and mist rose up around the ruins. The train wound along the banks of a river and sometimes passed through cottaged hamlets.

I had been planning on sleeping on the train, but quickly realized that I would miss a lot of beautiful scenery and opted instead to watch the Czech Republic roll by.

After a while, the mountains became shear black and white cliffs. Then they suddenly fell away and with them the dark, Medieval sky began to clear. Coming down a steep grade we entered an expansive, sunny valley filled with farms and wildflower meadows. From there it wasn’t long before our train pulled into Prague.


Written by Jim Dalrymple II

Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.

One comment

  1. Hey there you are only Hero, Bishop & Pat have been in Czech republic ahead of you in 2006 and did nto see all the wonders you are- keepup the good work and pray you all be save and have fun. . . notice Czech computer keyboards are wierd

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