At more or less the last minute, we decided to visit Iguacu from the Agentine side (where the name is written with a “z”), instead of the Brazilian side. That means we spent two nights in the small Agentine town of Puerto Iguazu.

After doing some last minute research, Argentina seemed like the best way to do Iguacu. Though the Brazilian side reportedly has a better overall view of the numerous waterfalls, it doesn’t have much else to do. There are some hiking trails, but supposedly visitors have to take a (paid) guide. On the Argentine side, however, there are a lot of hiking and walking paths that can he explored for the price of admission. The Argentine park is more expansive and open to visitors, and admisson also includes rides on a small train to get to the biggestd falls quickly. Making Argentina even more attractive is the exchange rate; though Brazil is generally cheap for North Americans, Argentina is even more so and the dollar is currently worth nearly four Agrentine pesos. As a result, our lodging and food ended up being cheaper and higher quality than anywhere else in our trip so far.


Written by Jim Dalrymple II

Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.

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