Well, it’s the last night before we go and we’re all packed. What’s really amazing about that is how light Laura and I have packed. I have a fairly small backpacking backpack, and I have several inches of empty space at the top. I eve decided to bring a few extra clothes because I have so much room. Laura’s packing has been even more impressive. She has fit all her stuff into an average sized school backpack, and she also has room to spare. So despite the fact that we’re going to be gone for two months we’ve managed to get down to the bare essentials. It makes me wonder what I’ve been taking on so many previous trips that was taking up so much room.


Written by Jim Dalrymple II

Urbanism and travel writer. Also a journalist covering the news.


  1. I can hardly believe you fit everything you’ll need for two months into a school sized back pack, Laura. I’m impressed. Laundry every few days? Lots of pictures of you all over the world in the same clothes? Awesome!

  2. I find that I pack light going out, but that leaves me plenty of room for everything I bring BACk (like souvenirs for my favorite step-auntie! hint hint)

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